What’s the best way to describe the city of Oisterwijk? For residents, tourists, and entrepreneurs alike, no matter their tastes or interests, Oisterwijk certainly has a lot to offer. Here, you’ll find an exceptional combination of traditional crafts and modern-day commercial opportunities, numerous extraordinary events, welcoming terraces, and plenty of rural and agrarian charm in the stunning green and natural surroundings: a friendly place with a pleasant Southern atmosphere.

Oisterwijk has a rich history of entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and craftsmanship. KVL makes up a vital chapter in the story of the city. When the largest tannery of Europe closed its doors in 2000, the area became derelict. Now, Polimeks partners with Oisterwijk Municipality and creative entrepreneurs to transform the old leather factory into a lively, happening hotspot with an array of fascinating things to see and experience. This way, KVL doesn’t stay stuck in the past but will play a significant part in the future of Oisterwijk.